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  •   Innovatively designed stackable, jug style scoop ideal for measuring/transferring bulk feed. A popular product for soaking sugar beet flakes, pellets or shreds. Capacity: 2 litres.
    Harold Moore
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    Date added:2014-07-02 13:16:41
    Price: £4.95
  •   Made in a long, simple form, the Plastic Feed Stirrer are designed for stirring, mixing and preparing your horses feed. These stirrers are made with a short handle section that is made with grooves, allowing you to place your finger flat on the surface if need be, making it easier to grip as you stir. From here, the Plastic Feed Stirrer then comes out to form a longer section that actually meets the feed, digging in deep to stir and...
    Harold Moore
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    Date added:2013-09-04 13:19:28
    Price: £2.45
  • The Harold Moore Snow Scoop has been specifically developed for winter use; the curved, extra wide large surface area blade with high quality wooden pole provides maximum efficiency. Ideal for clearing drives and pavements quickly and easily!   It is just as great for use on shaving beds!   Complete with 48" Wooden Handle
    Harold Moore
    Stock Status: 2 Units in Stock
    Date added:2018-02-26 17:20:06
    Price: £16.75
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