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Hills Salmon

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  • A very good quality body brush from Hill Brush. The tufts are small but there are lots of them making the attractive plaid patterns possible, and also making for a very superior brushing action.   Tartan pattern, lacquered wood back, with woven strap.   PVC Bristles, 27mm trim. Size 173 x 76mm.
    Hills Salmon
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    Date added:2018-05-05 16:43:04
    Price: £5.49
  • Beastie Mini Dandy Brushes are just great for general grooming.   The fibers used are a very special extruded polypropylene, which is shaped to give long life, resilience and to prevent irritation to the skin. Don't be fooled by poor copies - well filled with good quality medium fiber.   PVC Hand Grip PVC Bristles, 45mm trim. Size 160 x 60mm.
    Hills Salmon
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    Date added:2018-05-06 12:02:05
    Price: £3.99
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