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Resolve the problem of the bacteria found in mud with Seal to Heal. A transparent and flexible wound dressing for horses that are often in muddy conditions which blocks the bacteria found in mud while protecting against dirt, flies and other insects. Ideal for the summer months to reduce the risk of infection to any cuts and abrasions. Seals the epidermis to maintain the levels of moisture. Easy to use in an emergency and ideal for areas where more conventional dressings are difficult to apply. Forms a protective layer in 60 seconds. If the horse is kept in dry conditions, a marked improvement should be visible within 3 to 5 days.
A year round veterinary product that is an essential item for every tack box! In the summer, Seal to Heal keeps flies out of wounds, prevents flies laying eggs in wounds reduces infection and assists in healing. In the winter, use it when the first signs of mud fever appear to contain and heal quickly, reducing the distress and discomfort to your horse by keeping mud and dirt out. This all in one product reduces the need for costly dressings and creams / lotions saving you money and accelerating the road to recovery for your horse all year round.

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