Schooling as you hack


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Schooling as you Hack
Getting your horse fit.
It is not always possible to school your horse in an indoor school or an outdoor arena. However, it is not always necessary to have access to either. This book shows how to take advantage of safe hacking areas in the countryside to school a horse and to improve its fitness with the use of dressage movements. So many riders are frustrated by a lack of access to proper schooling facilities. However nature provides a perfect opportunity to practice both simple and more complex dressage movements on almost any hack. This book gives practical examples of where, how and why that will make schooling a simple everyday exercise for most riders. This book will appeal to riders of all levels of experience and ability, from weekend hackers to dressage competitors. Clear illustrations and colour photographs help riders to visualise the possibilities that are available to them.
Softcover, 80 pages
ISBN 978-3-86127-916-7
Author Daniela Bolze

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