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  • The Performance Maxi-Flow combines the qualities of the Maxi-Flow Flysheet with a waterproof and breathable top section to offer the horse protection during those unexpected showers. The rug has a built in neck design with mesh material sides. Elasticated touch and close neck fastenings Double breast straps Shoulder gussets Cross surcingles Tail flap
    Shires Equestrian Products
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    Date added:2010-10-11 16:48:12
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    Price: £39.99
  • This cotton sweat rug features a ‘honeycomb’ design which works by helping the horse maintain an even temperature whilst cooling after exercise, and allows sweat to evaporate. It can be used in winter to dry the horse by placing another rug over the top which heats up the air held in the pockets formed between the horse and the outer rug, which dries the horse whilst preventing chills. This rug comes with a nylon breast strap....
    Shires Equestrian Products
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    Date added:2011-10-06 13:30:45
    Price: £7.99
  • The Woof Wear Smart Event Boot has been designed for use during the most advanced, high intensity disciplines - particularly cross country and provides 360 degree protection to the horse's legs.   Features: Tri-Layer cannon bone protection Flexible PU outer D3O® impact protection and breathable neoprene liner to keep legs cool and reduce fatigue Speedi-cut design for maximum protection Protective mesh to prevent...
    Woof Wear
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    Date added:2013-09-17 11:36:10
    Price: £42.99
  • Aerborn Ride On Exercise Sheet Cotton Lined Water Proof Hi Visability Fluorescent Yellow Reflective Strips to rear Fillet String to secure the rug in windy conditions Girth Loops 3' 9" (115cm) Size refers to measurement 'A'
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    Date added:2014-11-24 11:21:04
    Price: £19.99
  • Hy Bandage Tape is a high quality bandaging tape, designed to secure wound dressings and bandages. Generous length of long lasting and highly durable tape.   19mm Wide
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    Date added:2015-06-02 18:20:48
    Price: £1.25
  • Made from hard wearing cordura nylon outer with a padded lining, these tail guards are quick and easy to use with several hook and loop straps running down the length of the guard, the top two being elasticated for a snug fit."
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    Date added:2018-10-30 14:56:22
    Price: £4.75
  • Surcingle rubber rings help prevent surcingle clips coming undone. Fit over the hook part. Sold in pairs. Clips coming undone on your horse’s rug can be uncomfortable for the horse and potentially damage the rug. These rubber rings ensure a better, more secure and more comfortable fit. Rubber rings can perish over time, they can break or be lost. Check yours before turnout and always have spares in your tack box.
    Shires Equestrian Products
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    Date added:2019-06-26 22:00:21
    Price: £0.85
  • Perfect for using for everyday riding, especially in the summer months to prevent the flies bothering the horses ears whilst been ridden and help reduce head shaking. They also look very smart and some people use them when they are showjumping!
    Mark Todd
    Stock Status: 6 Units in Stock
    Date added:2019-06-30 16:58:03
    Price: £5.99
  • These Lambskin Ear Plugs from LeMieux are a soft product with a natural feel and look. More acceptable to horses, they are very easy to put in and remove.   Available in brown only.   Large - Horse Medium - Large Pony/Small Horse Small - Pony
    Stock Status: 4 Units in Stock
    Date added:2020-04-09 15:56:35
    Price: £3.99
  • The choice of show ring champions, SuperShine Hoof Polish dries in less than 60 seconds giving your horse's hooves a magnificent mirror-like finish. The quick-drying formula helps prevent dirt and dust from settling on the show-winning shine.
    Stock Status: 4 Units in Stock
    Date added:2010-10-13 13:01:55
    Starting at: £7.99
  • A must for after exercise or competition. Our high quality, no-rinse formula body washes are great to keep around the yard or in the horse box at shows - see also 'Anti-itch Soothing Shampoo' 'Revitalising Wash with Spearmint and Peppermint' and 'Grass & Stable Stain Remover'. Lavender Wash is a super quality non-rinse body wash especially designed to soothe, calm and relax your horse after exercise or competition,...
    Barrier Animal Healthcare
    Stock Status: 1 Units in Stock
    Date added:2011-06-28 16:58:57
    Price: £6.75
  • The ultimate tough and durable overreach boot – fitted with extra-deep design which can be cut to size to protect the delicate heel area. 8mm closed cell neoprene Durable KEVLAR® outer shell to resist abrasion Extra-deep design for maximum protection of heel area Wide, reinforced double lock strap with tab for easy removal Colour: BLACK ONLY   Height adjustable through trimming
    Woof Wear
    Stock Status: 5 Units in Stock
    Date added:2013-02-19 07:15:15
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